Get the Overhead Care Club for free with your Roof Replacement!

Repair or replace your roof with CTI Roofing and get a year of the Overhead Care Club included.

When you get your roof repaired or replaced with CTI, enjoy a full year membership in the Overhead Care Club!

What does the Overhead Care Club cover?

  • $179.99 Value
  • Annual Roof Inspection
  • Up to 100 ft. of Gutter or Valley cleaning
  • Maintenance, re-sealing at vents, flashings

Annual Roof Check-Up

  • Inspection for the most critical components of your roof
  • Removal of large debris from roof
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Seal of all exposed nailheads with a high-grade sealant

Lifetime Repair Guarantee

  • Roof repairs are guaranteed for the life of your roof as long as you remain in the Overheard Care Club program