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“CTI contractors did an amazing job on my roof. Their crew was on time and worked hard all day from dawn to dusk. They were very respectful of my property. When they finished they cleaned everything up.”

“CTI did a great job replacing our roof and also did a great job dealing with my insurance company and making sure they covered the entire scope of work that needed to be done.”

“Everything proceeded just as smoothly as I was promised. CTI took care of everything.”

We Make Replacing Your Roof Simple:

Partner with someone who cares about your roof and the people living under it.

How to make shingle roofs last 20 years longer

Dealing with damage? Delaying now only increases the risk of more extensive damage that will cost you more. Regain peace of mind and sleep easy again.

Leave the leaks behind. You deserve a roofing expert who will replace your roof stress-fee. We’re family-owned with an A+ BBB Rating. No need to worry. We’ve got you covered.

There are too many shoddy contractors jacking up prices and inflating costs.

It’s hard to know who to trust. Each drip from the ceiling reminds homeowners that they’re on the clock. This can feel stressful and overwhelming.

Every homeowner deserves a roofing expert they can trust who will help navigate this process and avoid dishonest companies looking to pad their pockets.

Here at CTI Contractors, we care about your roof and the people living under it. Our team knows you need a partner you can trust who will fix your roofing problem fast and provide A+ service.

Ditch your damaged roof and regain peace of mind.

Your home is unique. Get the right roof.

Since 2003, we’ve recognized the importance of customizing each roof replacement to the house it’s covering.

With customers in Arizona and Utah, we go to great lengths to understand your climate. It informs the materials we use and results in a roof that performs better for you over the long haul. Geek out over roofing products like us? Here are the brands we trust to help you sleep easy at night.

Don’t need a completely new roof?

That’s great news. After our free, no-obligation consultation, we will provide you with a complete assessment to know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Missing shingles? We fix that. Damage due to leaky gutters? We fix that too. We value your trust and only recommend repairs that your home needs. It’s how we prefer to do business.

You’ll feel confident that we’ve got you covered (cause we do). It’s time to rest easy again knowing that you’ve converted a damaged house back into the home you love.

Don’t need a completely new roof?

Let’s fix the roof you and your loved ones depend on.

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