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Don't wait for a leak Get a free inspection to know if your roof will hold up to the next storm.

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Know everything about your roof before you commit to anything.
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Get the job done right including immaculate yard clean-up.

Your roof protects everything... don't let a leak ruin your week

Storm after storm, our roofs protect us and keep us safe, but no homeowner wants to crawl up on the roof to check for missing or broken tiles, let alone inspect battons, flashings and gutters. We get it… and we can help.
We’re residential roofing experts who help you prevent costly roofing problems with regular free inspections. We just ask that you let us give you a bid when you do need to repair, replace or recondition your roof.

When it comes to your roof, unexpected surprises are frustrating and stressful. Our free inspections help you make timely, informed roofing decisions...
so you never have to deal with unexpected problems.


It's easy and fast to work with us!

1. Get a Free Inspection.
2. Get a Free Report with Photos of Your Roof.
3. Get the Job Done Right, Including Excellent Cleanup.
4. Cross “Roof” Off Your Worry List & Relax.

Here's what your neighbors are saying about CTI Roofing

Don't put it off. Postponing repairs can mean dealing with leaks that might end up causing mold and more extensive repairs.

10 Reasons Homeowners Love CTI Roofing

1. Free inspections and estimates

2. Best clean-up crews

3. Hassle-free, worry-free, stress-free service 4. A+ rating with the BBB

5. Hundreds of 5-star online reviews

6. No overselling

7. 100% transparent pricing

8. Prompt Scheduling and easy communication throughout

9. Full-service roofing company

10. Protecting homeowners since 1999


Want to make your existing roof last longer?
Download ''How to Make Shingle Roofs Last 15 Years Longer'' pdf

Save money bring life back to your existing shingles.

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Better Business Bureau, a plus, rating
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