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What is a Storm Damage Roofing Contractor?

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To put it simply, a roofing contractor is someone who specializes in roof construction. They repair, replace, and install a variety of different types of roofs. Homeowners who need such services contact the contractor and are typically given a quote. The contractor will usually then begin working on the project and complete it within a reasonable, predetermined time frame. A storm damage roofing contractor specializes in repairs that are necessary after a home has experienced storm damage.

What Types of Storms Cause Damage?

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Every type of storm has the potential to cause damage to a home and our CTI Contractors team is prepared to handle anything that Mother Nature has to throw at us. Here are a few different types of severe weather conditions that are particularly common in the areas that we service.



  • Winter storms
  • High Winds


  • Hail
  • Heavy rain and snow
  • Blizzards

Of course, the conditions listed are not entirely unique to each state. Although you’ll be more likely to come across a haboob in Arizona than in Idaho, there are conditions like blizzards and high winds that can be found in all three states.

What Type of Damage Do These Storms Cause?

A severe storm can really tear up a house! When it comes to the roof itself there is potential for it to start leaking, cave in, have the gutters ripped from it, etc. As for the rest of the home it is common to see siding be ripped away, paint torn up, windows broken, and fences knocked down. The house may even be damaged by mold, lightning, fallen trees, fire, and smoke as a result of a storm.

A storm that can cause such devastation within seconds can take weeks to fix up—if you’re trying to put everything back together on your own, that is. If you want your home put back to normal as quickly as possible, that’s what we’re here for!

What You Should Know About CTI Contractors

Our team is located in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah, ready to take action and come to your aid when you call us. We are prepared to handle nearly every type of damage that your home experiences due to a storm. We will inspect your property, assess the damage, and even help guide you through the insurance claim process. We will work diligently to get the job done in a timely manner and to get your home back to its prestorm condition. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!