Preparing for Your Storm Repairs

roof storm repairs contractorWhen you schedule CTI Contractor’s storm restoration services, it is important to prepare your home so that your repair is completed efficiently. Here are some steps you will take when preparing:

  • Determine the Damage: With our CTI inspections service, we determine with you the extent of the damage to your property. We will then figure out the plan for reparation and the costs.
  • Budget: At CTI Contractors, we want to offer the best price for your wallet. Let us help your repair your beautiful home to pre-storm condition at affordable prices.
  • Schedule the repairs: If you are able to stay in your home during the repair, it is important to create a schedule for you and your family. Consider times when you need to prepare your children for school, work, etc.
  • Prepare and Protect Your Home: Whether you can stay in your home or not, you will still want to cover furniture and other property from further damage. The repairs can create dust, noise, or increase the potential for something to happen to your interior and exterior possessions or property.
  • Set up a temporary living situation: If you require storm repairs, you will most likely need to stay in a different place while the reparations are happening. If this is the case, it is important to determine a safe place for you and your family to stay. Consider hotels, condo rentals, or even home rentals.

For top storm repairs service, trust in CTI storm contractors and schedule our CTI inspections by calling (800)898-7663, today.