How to Prepare For Storms (Part One)

1Natural disasters occur all the time and if you live in an area where hail, wind, and rain storms are prevalent; it is essential to prepare you and your family. Read on for some great tips on how to prep for a storm.

Storm Prep Tips 

Reduce Potential Damage: Inspect your surroundings and check to see if there are trees and branches that are close to your house. During storms, trees are one of the things that fall on a house or property. This causes a lot of damage and also requires a lot of cleanup work. Prevent this by having trees and branches trimmed or removed.

Upgrade and Maintain Safety Equipment: Install working smoke detectors, stock up on fire extinguishers, and ensure you have escape ladders. Also make sure you have flashlights and candles for light if the power goes out.

First Aid Kits: Buy or create a first aid kit with basic medical equipment and store an emergency prepaid cell phone in case lines are down or your personal cell phone dies.

Create a safety plan: Determine a safety plan and route with your family and practice so that if a storm hits, everyone knows what to do.

There are many ways to prepare for a storm, keep referring to our blog to learn more tips!

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