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We are a service-based company which means that we come to you! Although we work mainly in the Tucson area, we can offer our services to those residing in the Phoenix or Mesa areas as well.
Tucscon: 1-520-441-1154
Mesa: 1-480-422-9599
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Who Are We?

Tucscon, Arizona
CTI Contractors is your reliable source for efficient storm repairs in Tucscon, Arizona. We have worked with many homeowners throughout the United States who have been victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, and other impactful storms. Our experience has taught us how critical it is to have access to dependable services in a time of need. If a storm hits your area, you can count on the storm damage repair professionals at CTI Contractors for your residential and commercial repair needs. Although we primarily work with roofing, we also offer other storm damage repair services. No matter what type of storm wreaks havoc on your home, we will work hard to return your property to its pre-storm condition as quickly as possible.

Our Services

We provide the following services for single family homes, multi-family dwellings, all types of rental properties, apartment complexes, and condominiums:

  • New roofing installation
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repair from damage caused by hail, snow, wind, water, and other elements
  • Replace and repair siding, windows, and gutters
  • Exterior painting
  • 24/7 emergency tarping

Are you looking for storm repair for your business location? Our contractors are also able to offer commercial roofing services.

What Do Our Arizona Clients Have to Say About Us?

”A step above the rest. When the adjuster from my insurance company didn’t seem to do the job, CTI came through and fought for me. Instead of 1/2 of a roof covered, my entire roof minus the deductible was included plus my shed and air conditioner which the initial guy missed! Timely, professional, and a clean job site too! Thanks CTI, you are a company I can, will, and have recommended.”
—Heidi Guza

”BEAUTIFUL WORK: Today, CTI put a new roof on my home. I have a large roof with a steep pitch. My roof would normally have taken local contractors 3+ days to complete. Salvador brought in extra crew members and completed it in one day. The quality of work on my roof is impeccable.”
—Michelle Kovach

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Our Arizona Contractors

At CTI Contractors we provide professional, high-quality work and are eager to meet your needs. If you have any questions about storm damage repair, feel free to check out these frequently asked questions or contact us directly via email or phone. You can also book an appointment with us to quote your storm damage.